About me/us/them etc

Well, turns out there’s an ‘About Me’ page and folk keep clicking on it so I thought I’d better stick something in it, eh?!

Guess I put most of the relevent stuff in my intro post but I’ll summarise it (aka waffle about it some more) here too, just for kicks

I’m Tracey (well, dur) and I’ve been married to Nik since December 1994. Oh such a long, long time (just kidding!)

We have 2 brats, I mean, children. E,  aged 6 and J, who will be very lucky if he reaches 10 this month!

For nearly 9 years, I ran an online maternity wear store which I sold earlier this year. Now I help Nik run his business Jesters Trick Bits and it keeps us both busy and our household ticking over. That’s good enough for us! I also run a small website design business Hands Up Web Design which gives a bit of extra cash now and again.

Our household is motorbike mad. E LOVES all things motor vehicle, especially quads. He’s going to be following in Daddy’s footsteps, I think. He already thinks he can work for Daddy and forget about school which, cute as it sounds, is rather difficult!

J is an early teenager, preferring to spend time on his Xbox (yawwwwwwwwwn) That’s Daddy’s fault too. He’s an equal addict except he’s rationed by his meanie wife!

They’re both Call of Duty obsessed. Currently, it’s Modern Warfare 2. They eat, sleep and breathe it, I’m sure! (if you know what I’m talking about then you’ll KNOW what I’m talking about!)

God knows how they’ll manage 4 weeks without!

Me, I love my music. It’s a sadly neglected pastime nowadays but I love it all the same. I love to sing. No, I LOVE to sing. I’m a member of our local amateur operatic society which is fantastic fun. I wish I’d started it years earlier than I did but hey, better late than never, eh?

Our 2010 production is Oliver! Fantastic. Yours truly is a Rose Seller so I actually get to ‘sing solo’ which is amazingly awesome and I keep getting all giddy and excited thinking about it.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like either of my boys will carry on my musical passion 😦 Not for want of me trying but I can’t persuade them so I guess I’ll have to let that go….

……..or keep having kids til I get a musical one??? Nahhhh…I’ll let it go!!

We’re happy as we are. 2 brats…I mean, kids (sorry, my fingers keep slipping 😉 ) a nice house (albeit a rather untidy one) and a steady income.

What more does a family need, eh? 🙂

So, after that intro, here’s a link to the FIRST BLOG POST from December 2009!


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